When the finish has just dried

When the finishing coat has been applied to your floors it is usually dry to touch within 1 to 3 hours, although the floor finish is still “curing” at this stage. As a rule, wait 8 hours after the application of the topcoat before walking into the room with bare feet. Wait 5-7 Days before moving heavy furniture. Don’t forget to put protective pads on the legs to avoid marks. Wait one week before you lay rugs.


Dirt, grit and sand walked inside can damage the surface of your new floor. Mats should be placed at the external entrances and in any high traffic area such as in front of kitchen sinks and along hallways etc. Mats should not be laid on the floor for at least 1 week after completion of coatings.

Sweep or Vacuum

Regular sweeping or vacuuming will extend the life of your floors. An anti static dust mop is most effective, however you can use a soft bristle broom or vacuum cleaner. Take care if vacuuming as some vacuum cleaner heads and wheels can leave scratches.

Removing dirt and marks

Dust and grit can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, but your floor will need a thorough clean from time to time. When necessary, clean your floor with a moist cloth or mop. DO NOT over wet the mop as excessive water can damage the floor. In addition to cleaning with water, it may be necessary to use with a mild floor cleaner. We sell a whole range of cleaning products developed especially for use on timber and cork floors. DO NOT use cleaning products unless they specifically state that they can be used on timber floors. Chemical additives can damage your floor.